Layers made easy


Poiz enables you to:

  • Create and configure your layer;
  • Define geo POIs and Vision POIs;
  • Add webpages to your POIs;
  • Add actions to your POIs;
  • Add animations to your POIs;
  • Add audio and video content to your POIs;
  • Simulate and test your layer;
  • View layer usage statistics.

Further features:

  • Predefined POI types (e.g. way point, stage, restaurant);
  • Predefined actions;
  • Reusable graphical elements;
  • Supports 3D objects;
  • Dynamic POIs;
  • Relative positioned POIs;
  • Layar Vision POIs;
  • Animation support;
  • Monitors layer usage;
  • Automatical adjustment to the Layar app version;
  • Specific functions for each field of application;
  • Multilingual user interface. Now available in English and Dutch;
  • Built-in help function.

Poiz test module


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