Layers made easy


A specialised Poiz module is (or will be) available for several fields of application of Layar. With these modules you will enrich your layer with simple yet specific functions and content for the concerning field of application.


For festivals with podia at several different locations, a layer is the perfect way of providing people with up-to-the-minute information on site.

A festival layer which has been compiled using Poiz :

  • directs visitors to the stages;
  • indicates on which stage a performance is currently taking place;
  • shows the up-to-the-minute and following programme for each stage;
  • shows information (text, audio, video) on the performing artists, stages and sponsors;
  • shows the location of and information on relating matters, like eateries, car parks or first aid stations.

Optional functions:

  • Small scale inquiries/polls;
  • Showing the current location of running acts;
  • Announcing performances via Twitter;
  • Distributing news reports via layer